Fresh Baked

Monday, September 12, 2005

My Summer Vacation

What I have been doing the last few weeks:

- Becoming and being unemployed.
- Developing an unnatural Cheez-It habit.

- Going to Tahoe for the Very! First! Omega wedding!
- Cashing in on those many sleep hours I lost.

- Cutting out decorative penii and silk screening a most fabulous shirt for Dem's bachelorette party in Vegas.
- Partying like a damn rock star at said bachelorette.

- Spending a rough 20 hours addressing 150 wedding invitation envelopes in one night when, seriously, I had an entire month do do them.
- Recognizing Mike Adamle's voice in about 5.3 seconds on Battle of the Network Reality Stars because I watched American Gladiators that much.
- Obsessing about the presentation I have to do tomorrow in front of my classmates, teacher, and all of my teacher's ad-exec co-workers. Yipe!
- Thinking about the drink I'm going to order when the presentation is done and we all go out to a bar.

What I have not been doing:

- Updating my blog.
- Keeping up with anybody elses' (with the exception of the fascinating postsecret, which I consider research for a school project).

- Enjoying my tattoo (I suspect the reason it didn't hurt was because the man wasn't actually pushing the needle into my skin deep enough).
- Hiding the crepe paper from the lady in charge of decorations at the Tahoe wedding, because it was a wedding, not an egg hunt or 5 year old's birthday. It wasn't me, nope, no sir.
- Enjoying a sausage and egg bagel from Subway.
- Receiving a Vegas lap dance from a man who apparently wraps his wang with an Ace bandage.
- Being a responsible dogsitter. (During the marathon calligraphy episode, I had to have my brother, my Number One Designated Sleeper, do me the favor of watching the dog for the night.)
- Putting down the Cheez-Its for the past 15 minutes. BBQ! Scrum!