Fresh Baked

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


This weekend I was at a bridal shower and for no reason whatsoever, I told lies the whole time. They weren't big lies or hurtful, but little fake answers I was coming up with to questions, like I would normally do at a bar when there are shiny guys asking the questions and not nice ladies with embroidered sweater vests. It was fun, and I'm not planning on stopping it any time soon.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Scratch and Sniff

So I did the presentation for my Febreze project yesterday. All quarter I have been dreading this and I was able to work myself into a pretty good frenzy by 4:00. For example? During a run-through with Eia, I started crying. I pretty much continued in that direction until we got to the ad agency where I took a nervous trip to the bathroom. In the first stall, there was no toilet paper and my immediate thought was This guy will stop at nothing to fuck with us! And then I caught myself thinking this insane thought and realized I had hit a point where, if I couldn't snap out of it, my head would explode and how can you give a presentation without a head? You can't! That helped me calm down a lot.

There were a few moments after that when I was seized with terror that I hadn't memorized my spiel and I would make a frantic run-through on my notes but the immortal words of Missy Pantone came to mind and I knew: If I don't have it already, I don't have it. Don't let anyone tell you that TV never taught you anything.

As for my presentation, my teacher's colleagues didn't really like my campaign, but they didn't not like it either. I really couldn't tell you because everything was like "Blah, blah, blah, Ginger" when they were talking to me. I do know that they all liked my fancy-folding brochure and that I made a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air joke, but I'm still not sure where it came from. File under: Oh well! because I can just put the whole thing to bed now. Weee!

Monday, September 12, 2005

My Summer Vacation

What I have been doing the last few weeks:

- Becoming and being unemployed.
- Developing an unnatural Cheez-It habit.

- Going to Tahoe for the Very! First! Omega wedding!
- Cashing in on those many sleep hours I lost.

- Cutting out decorative penii and silk screening a most fabulous shirt for Dem's bachelorette party in Vegas.
- Partying like a damn rock star at said bachelorette.

- Spending a rough 20 hours addressing 150 wedding invitation envelopes in one night when, seriously, I had an entire month do do them.
- Recognizing Mike Adamle's voice in about 5.3 seconds on Battle of the Network Reality Stars because I watched American Gladiators that much.
- Obsessing about the presentation I have to do tomorrow in front of my classmates, teacher, and all of my teacher's ad-exec co-workers. Yipe!
- Thinking about the drink I'm going to order when the presentation is done and we all go out to a bar.

What I have not been doing:

- Updating my blog.
- Keeping up with anybody elses' (with the exception of the fascinating postsecret, which I consider research for a school project).

- Enjoying my tattoo (I suspect the reason it didn't hurt was because the man wasn't actually pushing the needle into my skin deep enough).
- Hiding the crepe paper from the lady in charge of decorations at the Tahoe wedding, because it was a wedding, not an egg hunt or 5 year old's birthday. It wasn't me, nope, no sir.
- Enjoying a sausage and egg bagel from Subway.
- Receiving a Vegas lap dance from a man who apparently wraps his wang with an Ace bandage.
- Being a responsible dogsitter. (During the marathon calligraphy episode, I had to have my brother, my Number One Designated Sleeper, do me the favor of watching the dog for the night.)
- Putting down the Cheez-Its for the past 15 minutes. BBQ! Scrum!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Mi Scuzi

There is an update coming soon, but I only have the next 24 hours to address 150 envelopes. Doesn't that sound like I have a whole lot of time? It's not. Stupid European addresses.