Fresh Baked

Friday, August 26, 2005

Wild Horse

Inked-- Theme Song
Helena-- My Chemical Romance
Right Here-- Staind
Sugar, We're Goin Down-- Fall Out Boy
Top of the World-- All-American Rejects
Tune Out-- The Format
Saints and Sinners-- Paddy Casey
You Dance-- Eastmountainsouth
Listen To Your Heart-- D.H.T.
Lets Do It-- Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg
Good Old Fashioned Loverboy-- Queen
Brass in Pocket-- The Pretenders
Kicking the Heart Out-- Rogue Wave
Life Is Short-- Butterfly Boucher
Gone, Going-- Black Eyed Peas feat. Jack Johnson
I'm A Worried Man-- Willie Nelson feat. Toots Hibbert
Love Is the Seventh Wave-The Arch of Abundant Love-- The Duhks
Have You Seen My Love-- Rosie Thomas
Happy-- Brandi Carlile
Dream Big-- Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband
Now that I Know-- Shannon McNally
In Spite of All the Damage-- Be Good Tanyas

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Le Poo (A Post in Which I Whine More Than I'm Proud to Acknowledge)

Mondays have been kind of long days for me this quarter. I work in the morning and then have class in the afternoon and again in the evening. My evening class is with the tyrant teacher who wants people to drop and after yesterday's midterm grades went out? More did! We now have only 10 people in the class which started with, oh, 26?

I have the dubious pleasure of having an A- in that class, a grade I suspect he didn't give out to too many people, which, yay! but, also, crap. Now people in my class hate me. And despite knowing that these people should just work harder and do something other than take it out on me, I feel guilty. And also that somehow it might be a fluke. And that it's going to be very hard to maintain because I will either fall asleep, never to rise again for the rest of the quarter, or go nuts trying to out-think myself.

Let me see if I can explain this without boring the crap out of you... I have to design a campaign for Febreze. (We picked our products out of a hat on the first day and I really almost threw up after seeing what I would be working with for the entirety of the quarter.) So far, we've done print ads and billboards and are working on brochures and point-of-purchase plans. Each week, we meet with him and present 3 ideas for whatever stage we're on and he either approves one or sends you back with an assignment to help you get better ideas. You have that night to complete the assignment so that you can have an email for him by the time he gets to work the next morning to approve or send you out again to do something else until you get it right.

Last week, he liked two of my ideas. Joy! Good thinking! Plus? Twice the work! And the end result was not going to bed until about 4am to get up for work at 7 and start the aforementioned long Monday. And then in class last night, after a little sweet success, he shut down all my ideas for our new project-- and assigned me to walk around a grocery store for an hour looking for inspiration. So, since we got out of class an hour early, I decided to go then.

Only, well, there were these nails, see? And somehow, they wound up in my tire? And that let all the air out? So, Nails + Tire - Air = Crap, flat tire. Which all got sorted out with minimal fanfare and now I can't drive over 60 and sure, that'll last. But then, poof! It was 10. And I was tired. And still had to go to the store or suffer the wrath. Le poo, y'all. For an hour because I'm too chicken to lie to him if he asks if I really was there for an hour. And I left having only one idea that was worth anything and another just to show how hard-working I am, even though it was pure crap. I received an email from him 20 minutes ago. He liked my ideas-- do them both and have them ready for next Monday.

I am on a fucking loop, people.

Also: I just realized that I have only mentioned the teachers I have called names, either to their faces or behind their tyrannical backs. That's really only 3 out of the 15 or so that I've had. I do get along with people, honest I do.

Also, also: I would be remiss if I didn't say thank you to Bunny for the Jolt energy gum. I thought it was a total gimmick, but no. Zip-zing! That shit works!

Also, also, again: It turns out that the whole 'try not to bore the crap out of you' idea was a total lie. Whoops! Sorry!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Résumé Builder

So I quit my job. Actually, this is the second time I've quit my job, but the first time (a few months ago) I was told that my resignation wasn't going to be accepted. This time, I got it in writing and it's put me into really exciting and scary territory-- in three weeks, I'm unemployed. Yikes.

As much as I'm concerned about my future, I'm fairly comfortable with the situation. I knew I had to get out of my office and into the field I'm pursuing in school. It was never going to be easy, and I knew that as well. But my family and friends have all been very supportive of this decision, believing in me and telling me they know I'll be successful, and that makes it so much easier. Of course, they, like I, had hoped I would have another job to get into as soon as I'm finished here, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that I find something soon.

Or, if you would like, you can hire me out yourownself for the following positions:
    Dog sitting
    Addressing envelopes
    Paper folding and/or cutting
    Getting coffee from Starbucks
    Burning CDs
    Standing around and looking bored
    Doing random Google searches
    Thinking of funny things to put on t-shirts
    Singing really loudly in the car
    Calling people twats when they so totally deserve it
I also excel at misspelling words, reciting obscure movie quotes, and maintaining a collection of playing cards that will rival any casino (provided its a really, really small casino).

Interested parties may contact me directly for any of the above.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Don't Stop, Get it, Get it

Guess what I got last weekend?! A tattooooo (it means poem and art in ooooold Irish). It was surprisingly not as painful as I expected it to be, or really all that painful at all. A few times, I busted out with a bit of the Gorillaz' to take my mind away from the itchy feeling that I was getting, but that was about it. And I came with support, too. Eia and Dem were on either side of me-- Eia totally prepared to let me squeeze the everloving hell out of her hand because, hello needles, meet my foot; and Dem on the other side prepared to keep talking through the whole thing because, hello needles! Meet my foot! A lot of times. The talking helped, but Eia's hand remains unscathed.

Afterward, we went to dinner with Leo and Jack and it was yummy! And I got presents! And singing! And cookies with candles because... happy Birthday to meeeeeee!