Fresh Baked

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I've been having a couple good days lately. A teacher who promised to make us cry by the end of the quarter (for which I'm an easy target) and who is proud of the fact that he is getting students to drop the class one by one liked what I had to show him on Monday. I was so nervous going into class that night, and I came out feeling like a hero. Yay! Plus, rumor has it that if he likes you in the beginning he'll like you all the way through... I'm not holding my breath on that one, but my fingers are crossed a little. And my teacher was out for yesterday's class so A) no class! and B) I had the director of the program look at what I was working on and she liked it. So, you know... another load off.

And, because I like to spend my free time being a nerd, I went to the library. As I was walking out with my maximum number of checked out items, debating whether or not I should get coffee, Annie called me to tell her that Scooter brought extra Starby's to her during her class and would I like one? Wheee!! Next time, I'm going to think about robbing a bank and hope to come across a blank check or something equally free money-ish. Hope the rest of you are having just as much, if not more, luck than I am.

**Totally forgot to mention that, Starby whore I am, when I got my coffee this morning I requested it without whipped cream. I was tempted to be annoyed when I got it with, but was secretly excited-- special treats for me! As Eia said when I told her, "You were trying to be good and then God said, "Give that girl some sugar!"" Gimme some sugar, indeed.