Fresh Baked

Friday, July 01, 2005

My Subconscious Can Beat Up Your Subconscious (But Wouldn't Because It's Too Good Willed)

Last night I had one of the more interesting dreams I've had in a while-- mostly because I actually remembered it and not because there were no flying apes or intergalactic automobiles involved. Everything seemed well within the realm of possibility and therefore, kinda freaked me out. The scenario:

I was at some kind of formal event-- a reception of some kind where everyone was very nice and polite with the exception of myself who was feeling rather glib and flippant about the whole thing. At some point, I picked up a phone message from a man who was the Minister of (oops, don't remember this part... some country... or perhaps the Minister of Magic?) and wanted to speak to me about how proud of me and grateful he was that I would be meeting with the German refuges the next day. Apparently, I was doing great things. He finished up his message by saying that he didn't know what my plans were, but he had arranged a scholarship for me to get my jurisprudence degree at the university of my choice. Immediately, randomly, I found the girl I had hated in 5th grade and rubbed it in.

So, while, yes, technically, this was all within the realm of some far off possibility, there was one point that stood out as completely random: I used the word jurisprudence in my dream. My subconscious is now officially smarter than I give it credit for.