Fresh Baked

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'll Take an Order of Size 10s With an Extra Side of Guilt, Please

In class on Monday, we were asked to bring in a few ads and after each of us talked about them a bit, our teacher asked us where we pulled them from. Most replies were along the Rolling Stone, Cosmo, Maxim lines, but one girl-- who had annoyed me on the first day by talking incessantly about Disneyland, FYI-- responded by saying "I found it in my mom's bathroom." Riiiiight. And a little ew.

So last night I had class with some of the same people from that class and we were laughing at all the silly things that people had said when I decided that I needed to repeat what Disneygirl said. I checked out the room, made sure she wasn't there, and did a complete mimic of what she'd said, including using her high-pitched, whiney voice. Hey, guess what? You know how I didn't see her in class? Yeah, that was because she was standing directly behind me. I am such an asshole. Wanna be my friend?