Fresh Baked

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Proud Bird

Omega is the brainchild of college freshman roundtable discussions at the cafeteria. While all the sororities were preparing for recruitment, we would sit and mock them and all the rushing and song singing and glitter, ohmygod, the glitter that abounded! So we formed a fake sorority where all we had to do was show up to dinner and sit at the round tables... apparently because square tables were for chumps. Or sorority girls.

And then, sophomore year, I caved. I joined a real sorority* and I loved it. Loooooved it. I mean, the rush part of it still sucked and I sang all the songs with a Cher imitation to get over it, but really, I secretly loved that, too, because I was with some of my best friends and we were all hating it together. Hate brings people together, I'm telling you. And then we'd call up the non-sorority girls and we'd all go out to the bar.

During our senior year, the real and fake sororities overlapped. Omega came on full force during the real sororities' rush with a recruitment of their own--one by one, they blindfolded us, sat us in a chair, and had someone run at us. Get it? Rush. Haaaaa. Omega is brilliant! We were given pins, t-shirts, taught the super secret handshake, and introduced to the official mascot and flower. They outlined the purpose of Omega to us, and, for the remainder of the year, we covered every aspect of 'real' sorority life-- hazing (a fabulous game called Find the Water), philanthropy (getting the real sorority ready for formals), awards (for winning make-out scavenger hunts), etc. so by the end of the year the only thing left to do was to plan our reunion. Thus was born the plan to have Memorial Day Weekend become the Official Omega Reunion Weekend, which is how I should happen to have been in Mexico for the Great Drink of '05-- the effects of which have still yet to wear off.

And yes, before anyone asks: we did make t-shirts.

*A lot of people are surprised by this fact, I won't be offended if you are too. Also, I joined much, MUCH to the chagrin of others. Eia definitely didn't approve and Dem sent me a "don't be a BSG (bitchy sorority girl)" email. Glad they finally got over that. Or did they? Dun-dun-duuuun!