Fresh Baked

Friday, June 10, 2005

In the Bottle

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I've been drunk.

You see, I spent Memorial Day weekend in Mexico with a group of friends when the world was obviously in some kind of tailspin because not only was I able to drive us safely down, I did so with relatively no directional errors. Which is miraculous, to say the least, because I can usually get lost anywhere outside my normal 10-miles-from-my-house radius and this was several more than 10 miles outside and in an entirely different country with a different language that I don't know very well, aka: at all. So, right away I knew there was something wrong.

Also on that weekend, I did not get one single sunburn. Which... just doesn't happen. Ever. Even with spf 50. But due to the whole tailspin thing, poof! no burning! I sat for hours in the sun and remained safe.

But, the reason I knew for absolute serious that there was something different with this trip was that I suffered not one hangover. And we drank a lot. A lot, a lot. And then we had more. Like 40s for breakfast and another for lunch with a few more bottles at dinner. (Because, the way you drink a lot, see, is to drink A LOT.) And for me, this normally causes a huge hangover with the sick and grumpy and overall bad self. But not this time, boy. This time I was awake and ready for more.

It was all very weird.

So since I've been back, I've been challenging the planets by continuing to drink and successfully completing each mission sans hangover. I'll let you know how long I can keep it up-- look out for the post titled My Head Has Officially Exploded, because the day everything gets back into alignment its going to suck like nothing else.