Fresh Baked

Friday, May 13, 2005

Superhero Jerk

Tonight I am going to Phoenix since Meggy D, one of my best friends, has become an Official Interior Designer and her parents decided that, to celebrate, they would fly in her friends and family for a weekend of drinking and fun. It's going to be excellent, and she has no idea.

For her, we ordered a Superhero necklace, which I have been coveting since (oh... the second I looked at them?) about 5 months ago. In an earlier conversation we'd had, Meggy D and I had talked about how cute they were and which ones we liked an la-de-da, I ordered it for her last week and I patiently waited for the necklace to arrive because I know she will love it. (Also, I corresponded with Andrea who is just so sweet and lovely that I think everyone should buy necklaces from her.)

Only... see and here's the thing... instead of ordering the necklace Meggy wanted? I ordered the one I wanted. And now I am kinda sorta completely unwilling to part with it. So my question is-- is there anyway I can save face on this one? Can I bring a necklace with me and wear it and love it knowing it wasn't meant to be mine (while totally meant to be mine at the same time, because seriously-- I accidentally ordered the wrong one? Nuh-uh. That shit was fate.) Or do I give her a necklace that she would surely enjoy even though there is one out there that she likes more? Or do I keep the necklace hush-hush and go with an alternate gift that would be just as welcomed? Or is there a plan D available?

I've already put the necklace on. I love it. It loves me and we're running away together.