Fresh Baked

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fun. Sun. Nun.

(Okay, there were two nuns, but a plural didn't fit my rhyme.)

Meggy D was ultra surprised. At about 5:30, her cousin and our other college roommate showed up at her doorstep. Around 9:30, Bean and I arrived. Sometime around midnight, her brother and his wife got there. Seriously, she had no clue about any of it and was surprised
every time. But perhaps the greatest surprise for her was the next day when two of our favorite nuns from college flew in. Tears were shed, margaritas were had, and then there was a party.

Other highlights:

-- Yes, (sadly,) I gave Meggy D the necklace and she loves it and so on. She's going to look at the website to see if there's another one that she would like more, however, and if she does? Looks like I've got me a Superhero necklace of my ownsies.

-- The last time I was out, and as any good Irish girl would do, I brought a bottle of whiskey to her parents. This time, her brother and I had a nice time sneaking into the library on Saturday night and swigging out of the bottle to make sure it was still good. It is.

-- Nuns really like body piercings. For honest they do because nuns don't lie, do they? One even said "Oh, Jesus!" when she saw the one in my ear because she thought it was so beautiful. And then they got a look at the tongue ring and tattoo. Momma D, however, has requested that I never sit next to her during meals... or probably ever.

-- It was 106 degrees on Sunday. Fahrenheit. As in hot. I am very glad to have made it back un-melted and mostly un-burned. Yay for spf 50!! (shut up.)