Fresh Baked

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Git Yer Dance On

Happy Birthday, Eia.

Do You Want to Dance?-- The Ramones
We're Dancing-- P.Y.T.
Dancing in the Sheets-- Shalomar
Dancing in the Moonlight-- King Harvest
Dancing in the Streets-- Martha and the Vandellas
Lets Go Dancing-- Teitur
Tiny Dancer-- Elton John
Dancing on the Ceiling-- Lionel Richie
Murder on the Dancefloor-- Sophie Ellis Bextor
Sadie Hawkins Dance-- Reliant K
We Danced Anyway-- Deana Carter
Some Days You Gotta Dance-- Dixie Chicks
Lets Dance-- Sara Evans
Dancing Queen-- ABBA
Dancing in Heaven (Orbital BeBop)-- Q-Feel
Get On The Dance Floor-- Ciara ft. Lil Jon
Dance Like This - Wyclef Jean featuring Claudette Ortiz
Dirty Dancing-- Black Eyed Peas
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)-- Whitney Houston
Private Dancer-- Tina Turner

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Honey and Vinegar

A guy just came into my office and told me that I look sick or tired. I said thank you.

I left off the part where I called him an asshole.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Writing to Tell You That I'm Still Alive, No Thanks to the Woman Who Just Damn Near Killed Me With Her Left Turn

And to say that I love Chipotle, who gave me a bag of chips on the house, as though THEY KNEW I had almost been killed in a car accident not 5 minutes before walking into their fine establishment.

And to say that I really need a beer.

And also to say that I am pretty fucking mad at that chick right now.

Monday, May 23, 2005

A Really Cold Fridge

Upside: Cold enough that things have been there in for months and have yet to spoil.

Downside: I just had to defrost the carrots I wanted to eat.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fun. Sun. Nun.

(Okay, there were two nuns, but a plural didn't fit my rhyme.)

Meggy D was ultra surprised. At about 5:30, her cousin and our other college roommate showed up at her doorstep. Around 9:30, Bean and I arrived. Sometime around midnight, her brother and his wife got there. Seriously, she had no clue about any of it and was surprised
every time. But perhaps the greatest surprise for her was the next day when two of our favorite nuns from college flew in. Tears were shed, margaritas were had, and then there was a party.

Other highlights:

-- Yes, (sadly,) I gave Meggy D the necklace and she loves it and so on. She's going to look at the website to see if there's another one that she would like more, however, and if she does? Looks like I've got me a Superhero necklace of my ownsies.

-- The last time I was out, and as any good Irish girl would do, I brought a bottle of whiskey to her parents. This time, her brother and I had a nice time sneaking into the library on Saturday night and swigging out of the bottle to make sure it was still good. It is.

-- Nuns really like body piercings. For honest they do because nuns don't lie, do they? One even said "Oh, Jesus!" when she saw the one in my ear because she thought it was so beautiful. And then they got a look at the tongue ring and tattoo. Momma D, however, has requested that I never sit next to her during meals... or probably ever.

-- It was 106 degrees on Sunday. Fahrenheit. As in hot. I am very glad to have made it back un-melted and mostly un-burned. Yay for spf 50!! (shut up.)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Superhero Jerk

Tonight I am going to Phoenix since Meggy D, one of my best friends, has become an Official Interior Designer and her parents decided that, to celebrate, they would fly in her friends and family for a weekend of drinking and fun. It's going to be excellent, and she has no idea.

For her, we ordered a Superhero necklace, which I have been coveting since (oh... the second I looked at them?) about 5 months ago. In an earlier conversation we'd had, Meggy D and I had talked about how cute they were and which ones we liked an la-de-da, I ordered it for her last week and I patiently waited for the necklace to arrive because I know she will love it. (Also, I corresponded with Andrea who is just so sweet and lovely that I think everyone should buy necklaces from her.)

Only... see and here's the thing... instead of ordering the necklace Meggy wanted? I ordered the one I wanted. And now I am kinda sorta completely unwilling to part with it. So my question is-- is there anyway I can save face on this one? Can I bring a necklace with me and wear it and love it knowing it wasn't meant to be mine (while totally meant to be mine at the same time, because seriously-- I accidentally ordered the wrong one? Nuh-uh. That shit was fate.) Or do I give her a necklace that she would surely enjoy even though there is one out there that she likes more? Or do I keep the necklace hush-hush and go with an alternate gift that would be just as welcomed? Or is there a plan D available?

I've already put the necklace on. I love it. It loves me and we're running away together.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Streaming Audio

Cathie Ryan, my absolute most favoritest artist (sorry Reba, Sarah and anyone else I've lead on through the years) has a new album out. You have no idea how badly I want to run to the nearest store, buy the album, and download it into my veins.

My only complaint is that she rarely makes it out to the west coast. Therefore, I challenge anyone o'er on the East to check out a show (if you dig the Irish, as you should) and tell me if its worth a travel. But really, even if you hate her, I'm going anyway.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Runaway Bride

I think Dem said it best: Wow.

What A Letdown.

So the thing with butt-registration? Just means that two items butt up to one another.

I know. I was disappointed, too.

But for my next question: Does anyone else think that letdown looks funny as one word?

Monday, May 02, 2005


If I were ever going to commit a crime, I think today would be the day. I have successfully burned the tips of my fingers on my right hand to the point where I think my fingerprints are officially gone. The good people at the Bucks prepared for me a nice hot drink this morning and sealed the lid on tightly, too. Unfortunately, it seems when you grab the cup buy the rim? The lid'll pop off and you'll be so concerned about not letting it fall that you'll hold tighter, causing more coffee to spill out; and you won't think to put it down until you're out of the car and able to walk away from it and collect yourself before you go back and deal with the mess. Like you're in a fight.

Oh, and by the way? OOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW.