Fresh Baked

Monday, April 25, 2005

Post Title: Juicy

Friday night: Watched Envy

Minutes of my life I will never get back because of that: 100

Saturday Night: Saw Sarah McLachlan

Attended with: Eia and Dem

Last Sarah McLachlan solo tour attended: 1997

Attended with: Eia and Dem

Sarah's Love: Better than ice cream

Percent chance of rain: 60

Rain: Stared at the encore

Jodie Fosters seen at concert: 1

Jodie Fosters brushed against to prove my theory that $100 bills will fall out of her pores and into my pockets: 0 (near miss)

(Other celebs sightings in the past week: 2

Have I figured out who exactly those other two were: Not yet

Does that drive me crazy: Very much so.)

Times giggled at the 'there's no one left to finger' line of Adia: Every time I hear/think of it

Merkins and taints discussed on the 8 mile trek back to the car: With much humor (BALDerdash! Taint Offensive!)

Cars parked in an, oh, say 100 car lot: About 50-frillion

Parking staff: Rookies.

Overall: Excellent evening

Sunday: Homework. For hours and hours and more hours.

Times I've cursed Monday: Every few hours since Friday afternoon.