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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ollie's Birthday Hates Him: A Play in 3 Parts, con't.

Part Two: The Short Lived Presents

Ollie requested a new belt for his birthday. Not really clear on his size, though-- I just know that when I hold my arms out, it measures from the base of my right index finger to somewhere beyond my left shoulder. So I went to the store on Friday night, found lots of cute things for myself and a belt for him. Done. I'm a wonderful sister.

Only, when I checked the bag on Saturday? No belt. No belt anywhere, apparently, because no belt was rung up. The hell? So I went to his birthday dinner and gave him his old belt back as a present. Haa. I eventually went back and found a better! belt than the one I'd originally selected, made damn sure that it was paid for and in the bag when I walked out. Ollie digs it. Except for the fact that it doesn't fit. Man, sometimes I suck at gift-giving.

Possibly I suck less at gift-giving than Ollie does at gift getting, however. His girlfriend gave him goldfish for his birthday and after a day with him, they all went belly up, despite his hope that they were all 'just sleeping.' No such luck.

Happy Birthday, Ollie. Have some dead fish and a belt that doesn't fit.

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