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Monday, April 18, 2005

Ollie's Birthday Hates Him: A Play in 3 Parts

Part One: An Accidental Homage to Zoolander (A part that has nothing to do with his birthday, really, but is just too good not re-tell.)

Ollie went to fill up his car on Friday. Following normal, I'm getting gas behavior, he put in his credit card, ZIP code, and tra-la-la... gets the nozzle, flips open the gas cap and BOOM! The hose fell out of the nozzle.

The HOSE fell out of the NOZZLE. And you know there is only one way this will end: Gasoline everywhere. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go blaring from the speakers. Ollie getting drenched. (Me, wishing I were there to witness all this and laugh my ass off...) Haaaaa.

He was eventually able to cut off the gas flow and get someone to call the attendant, but man... when does that ever actually happen to people in real life?

Next up: A table, a belt, and some fishy behavior.