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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

And Now for Something Completely Different

In the beginning, there was school, and it was good. Then there were finals and they were fucking insane. IN-SANE. It's part of the outreach program Hell has begun to encourage visitors. And in the end? There were 5 As. 5. A. A. A. A. A. Because I? Am a damn rockstar. And that includes an A from the teacher I called a jerk and the one I told was rude and condescending. A. A. A is for Awesome because I am. To the fifth degree. LALALALALAALLAAAAAAAA!!

(There should be a sidebar here about how in the last two weeks of school I slept almost none and am in deep shit at work because of that, but... meh.)

And after I finished up getting my 5 As? I got on a plane to the Columbian District of the country where there is coffee and coke galore. And one of my best friends from college. Yay!! In DC, the Easter was had, the museums were toured, the capitol was Capitoled, the wedding was wed and the Pope died. In that order.

Missing from that line-up was a meeting with Senor Cactus and Mrs. Fish. Who are every bit as rad as I had suspected and didn't say a thing about my friggin' white ass legs or the fact that Eia and I were very late in meeting them. Yay!

Also missing from that line-up in a physical sense was an I'm-a-jerk-last-minute-cancelled meeting with Amalah. Who fell victim to a long-running wedding and whom I hope will still talk to me despite that fact.

More to come, but I'm afeared if I didn't post something today there would be a lynch mob after me.