Fresh Baked

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Dirty Bits

My quarter is coming to an end and it has been a really long one this time. First, I call one teacher a jerk, then I have a heart to heart with another teacher and tell him his condescending and rude. Gooooo, me! It was difficult to get through that last one and I tried to avoid it for a long time but it seems that there have been some other students complaining about him and bypassing him to go to directly to his boss so I think it was probably a wise move on my part. Baaah. At least it's over now.

Anyway, so for the next two weeks if you hear me say, "I'm doing homework" you can be pretty sure that, yes, I'm doing homework. And if I'm not doing homework? It was a lie to cover up the fact that I'm rasterbating. It is such a great way to ease the stress. Rasterbate, rasterbate, rasterbate.