Fresh Baked

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

An bhfuil tú ar meisce fós?

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Dirty Bits

My quarter is coming to an end and it has been a really long one this time. First, I call one teacher a jerk, then I have a heart to heart with another teacher and tell him his condescending and rude. Gooooo, me! It was difficult to get through that last one and I tried to avoid it for a long time but it seems that there have been some other students complaining about him and bypassing him to go to directly to his boss so I think it was probably a wise move on my part. Baaah. At least it's over now.

Anyway, so for the next two weeks if you hear me say, "I'm doing homework" you can be pretty sure that, yes, I'm doing homework. And if I'm not doing homework? It was a lie to cover up the fact that I'm rasterbating. It is such a great way to ease the stress. Rasterbate, rasterbate, rasterbate.

Friday, March 11, 2005

How Apropos!

One of things on my Top 10 Peeves list is mispronunciation. This peeve is nicely settled on several layers of irony and hypocrisy as I am horrible with my own pronunciations (which is why I don't use big words in public) and also, because I think intentional mispronunciation (and the kind where someone says something incorrectly and I point and laugh) are HYSTERICAL.

In high school, I had a near-miss with infrared (and seriously, can I get a hyphen or something in there somewhere?) moments after Playboy's Miss August 2000 had a nasty run-in with Rasputin. Had I not checked in with my friend, I would have been embarrassed, but now? I make fun.

There are a lot of examples to choose from on this, but these are my top two for today:

- Acrossed. "Pull the line acrossed the page."
- Exspecially. "I think this one is expecially annoying."

And don't even get me started with names. Learn them, people. Then say them properly-- it's rude not to, and it makes you look like a big giant ass.

But I can't be alone on this. Any mispronunciation that drive you crazy?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Damn Mom, I've Got My Headgear On!

On the advice of one delightfully brilliant Dawn, I'm taking my query to the Internet. Because you guys are also delightfully brilliant.

If you were naming your ultimate frisbee team based on a 16 Candles theme, what would you name it?

Some suggestions:

The Dongs
Yanky My Wanky
Farmer Ted's

And.... whatever you come up with.

**You should also visit Dawnie here and throw down to help Insanity for a Good Cause.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hi! I Am Old.

I was watching the trailer for Mr. and Mrs. Smith and said to myself, "Thats going to be a fun picture."

I need to get into my Caddy now, drive 15 miles under the speed limit, and pick up Eunice for the Early Bird supper at Denny's. You kids be good.