Fresh Baked

Monday, February 28, 2005

A Whole Lotta Awesome. Because I Feel Like It.

Saturday I wore my new awesome t-shirt and many awesome things happened. Such as:

- I found $7 while doing my laundry.
- I acquired software that I was searching for
- Less than Awesome: While searching the candy aisle in the 99 Cent store for a zoo project I'm working on? I found a razor blade. Sitting on top of the piles of candy. At just the right height for little fingers to reach in and meet their doom. So I took it to the register but the woman did not care AT ALL that they could have been responsible for the chopping off of little kid's hands.
- And then, Coinstar. But part two of that awesome comes later, and possibly in guest spotlight form, because I am just not up to it.

Because that part, awesomely, took away from homework. And frankly, I'm an idiot, so all the homework I'd done on this project up till Friday was scrapped, giving me more homework I wouldn't have had if I had paid attention to directions. So yesterday when I got down to it, I was totally down. To the point that I had to set alarms for myself to shower and go to dinner. And when I came back from dinner? Down again. I owned this project. All the way until 5:30 this morning when it wouldn't print. Sonofa! It was decidedly less than awesome.

All is well now; I was able to get it printed-- and earned a "Wow, this is nice" comment from the notoriously crabby printer people. As for me? I'm totally out of it in the head.

I have what I would call Tetris-brain. Remember how after playing Tetris for hours and hours (... um, yeah... as if anyone would actually do that!) you would replay it in your head or see a building and try to figure out the best place to put it in the row? I'm experiencing the same thing, but with colors. Everything I've looked at today I have analyzed down to it's Illustrator roots, even going so far as to figure out how many color swatches it would take to make the best gradient or if something would work better as a blend. It's a sickness. It's also causing increased ADD and I wind up doing very rude things like taking apart printers when someone is telling me very serious sad news. And slightly less rude things like not giving the kind folks at the 'Bucks my coffee change but, c'mon, people! Coinstar doesn't take dollars.

Or writing posts that have no discernable point, like this one and pretty much every one before it.

But here is my still life illustration. I display it for you awesomely:

Be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli.