Fresh Baked

Friday, February 25, 2005

I Heart Music

February. 'Tis the month of hearts and roses... ah, l'amour! And one of the things I ah, l'amour the most is some bitchin' music. Bring it on:

American Music-- Violent Femmes
Angel of Music-- Phantom of the Opera
Can't Stop the Music-- Village People
Fight Music-- D12
Ghetto Musick-- Outkast
Good Music-- Joan Jett
I Can Hear Music-- Beach Boys
I Hear Music-- Billie Holiday
Let the Music (Lift You Up)-- Reba McEntire
Let the Music Play-- Barry White
Let the Music Play-- Shannon
Listen to the Music-- Doobie Brothers
Make Your Own Kind of Music-- Mama Cass
Music-- Madonna
Music Gets the Best of Me-- Sophie Ellis Bextor
Music is the Victim-- Scissor Sisters
Rock and Roll Music - Chuck Berry
Six String Music-- Jimmy Buffett
Dance to the Music-- Sly & the Family Stone
When I Hear Music-- Debbie Deb
Thank You for the Music-- ABBA

**An intense amount of thanks (INTENSE! Feel the stare of thanks upon you!) goes to:

Dem, Leo, Bean, Lushy, Cat, Jodi, Hudson, and this totally rad website that Eia found. They were all given the task of helping me assemble this 'all song titles must contain the word Music' chaos of a CD and I think they are the best. Intensely the best.