Fresh Baked

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Working Lunch

Beer! At work! And we snuck it like 15 year olds trying not to get caught by our parents.

Because this afternoon we had a retirement luncheon in our office for a guy who doesn't ever eat. But apparently, he drinks. And there was beer. And everyone was afraid to touch it because curse ye who touch the beer in the workplace-- for ye be fired not long after. And then some pirate came. No, that's a lie. But the boss was not looking too favorably on the beer drinking so we had to do it undercover in our blue Solo cups (now contoured for easier handling), huddled in an office, pouring it out and looking over our shoulders.

And the moral of the story is that you should take the office beer when you can. Because not only do you look like the fierce rebel you are, you and your co-workers will have fun! At work! And you will laugh and talk about boys and for a moment, you'll all lose that feeling of being 'at work' and everyone will get along.

We are so lame-- its fabulous!