Fresh Baked

Friday, January 21, 2005

Tired is the new Drunk/

See that think at the bottom of this post? The part where it says the time? Go ahead, talke a look. I'll wiat right here.

Iknow!! Can you believe? I'm not making this hsit up. That really is the tiem and I hav now boeen worokign on a presnetatino for school tomorrow afternoon (amd now writing a paper that goes wtih) for the past 7 hors. After I got out o f class, after I left work.

This presenation? Will be done by 4 peopel. The actual presentation? Done by me. Teh power point presentation of all the definitions? Done by another gitrl. The game-- a paoinstaking recreation of all the elements covered by the sectionof book we're doing? Me. the paper? ME. the candy? someone else. But I dont' trust her so 'im bringking some anyaway. The fourth girl is basically showing up and staleing my grade. She better not fuck it up.

The sad pard is that I really can't compalin about doing all this swork becuaus I VOLUNTEERED to do it. Becaiuse I'm pushy and contrloing and wnated it all done right. And I'm the only pwerson who knws how to do that, ever. so says my ego, wriing checks my pbody can't cash. Oy.

I have to finsih this paper now. I'm hot spell checking and all the crappy typing you just read is dueto the fact that It's 4:55 and I'm shaksy and cold.