Fresh Baked

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Passed to Me in Study Hall

I received this email this morning and rather than paraphrasing, lets just hear what she has to say:

Ok, you are all seriously going to laugh at me, but I am asking you to take about 30 seconds out of your busy lives and go to and answer the survey on the left side of the home page that asks "Who's you favorite Jam Girl?" The survey started out innocently enough, but now the rest of the girls are getting all of their friends to go to the site & vote for them.... not to be left out of this junior-high-school-esque game, that's where this email comes in. I can't LOSE the popularity contest!!!!! :)

If you would like to honestly evaluate all of your options before you OF COURSE vote for me :) you can click on "Jam Girls" in the menu right above the survey & go down to the bottom of the page that comes up, where it says "Jam Girls Bios: Get to know your Jammin' Jam Girls!" And yes, it really does say that.

Thank you all so much.


Guys, this is the woman with the ingenuity to make a mojito with Altoids and the balls to actually drink it. And sure, she's winning right now-- quite rightly, but we need your help to make sure she is titled the Jammin'est Jam Girl that Ever Did Jam. So click on over and vote, why don't you?

Oh, and should any of you be curious? She is NOT KIDDING about the Dr Pepper. She and I had a little scenario a while ago involving dinge and scary men and pizza, but nothing would get in the way of Sharla and her DP. No, sir.