Fresh Baked

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Good, the Bad, and the Stumbly

Well... that was fun wasn't it? I had a great time yesterday meeting some new folks here and elsewhere, so thanks Sheryl for getting us off our behinds to make the introductions. And money! I will actually pay double for every comment left AND will leave the comments open until that time I send a check.

But, with all of the fun, there was also a bit of bad news yesterday, too: Ollie found out that his infection is back... nicely incubating in his recently-surgeried spine. Yikes. He is back in the hospital for another operational de-bugging and all the doctor can say at this point is "This is NOT good." So, shitshitshit for that.

And, to round out the days activities, I spent 5 minutes on the phone trying to record a message for someone. First off? I don't really like recording myself. Especially when its a number that I have to call and will have to hear myself tell me that this person isn't in. Secondly, something is wrong with my brain-- I did about 20 takes of the recording because I couldn't get 'unavailable' and 'unable' unmixed. What I got was "He is unavel-- shit. (click.)" until a nice 'not able' compromise was reached... and then I gave the incorrect email. Haaaa.