Fresh Baked

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Getting Hit On

Hudson and I work together and that is fabulous and fun for many reasons, not least of which is that we can take our frustrations and boredom out on each other. Which we do. In the form of punching. And that one time I hip checked her into the fake tree and she fell down, knocking it over in the process, but beautifully maintaining the bottle of water she had in an up-right position. That time was funny. But other than that one time when someone actually had the potential of getting hurt, it's all harmless hitting and round house kicks to the face (a technique I learned in Rex-Kwan Do).

This morning we had a staff meeting and another co-worker brought it up. All in good humor, but she failed to realize that the boss is Captain OverReactor and that created a fuss where no fuss was necessary. While I sat there, tight-lipped, Hudson tried to rationalize it and say that its not really "hitting" hitting and more like 'love pats'. It was a valiant effort... until we were told that we're not in kindergarten. (Oooh, burn on us, huh? FACE!)

And while there was a point to all of this at some time, all I can think to say now is that the spew-mouth best watch her back; these fists of fury have no breaks.