Fresh Baked

Monday, January 10, 2005

8 Hours. 15 Minutes.

Thats how long I was at home on Saturday, waiting for the cable company to arrive. (Yup, after 3 months of living there, we have decided that life without TV and the Internet really is no life at all.) Allow me to run it down for you...

9:15-- Call the cable company, request a window smaller than the previously given 10am-7pm. No joy. At the end of the conversation, say "well, I think that answers all my questions, thanks." and hear "Okay, do you have any more questions?" in response. Know then that today is going to be fabulous.

9:36-- Pick up computer from my parents' house. Forget important things like 'power cord.' Turn around and go back.

9:54-- Arrive home, frantically unpack computer in the rain.

10:47-- Finish setting up computer. Give myself a pat on the back because nothing exploded and it all seemingly works. Wonder when cable guy will arrive.

11:12-- "Dear cable guy, Everything's ready for you; you just need to show up... anytime now... I'll just be here. Waiting."

11:33-- Discover 'Jose's Eggnog Coffee' is not all it's cracked up to be. Blech.

12:15-- Finish watching Dodgeball. Move on to something more stimulating... Napoleon Dynamite.

1:34-- Wash the windows. Put together a shelf. Twiddle my thumbs for a bit. Discover food is at an all time low and go for the high class PB&J: toasted bread.

1:35-- Burn myself. Fucking toaster.

2:46-- Knock on the door! Not cable guy.

3:18-- Think about vacuuming, opt against it in case I don't hear the doorbell ring.

4:14-- Another knock, also not cable guy. But now Pa's here! Someone new!! Ohh, and he brought a drill and shiny new home things.

4:49-- Finished Princess Diaries 1 & 2 now... really think I need a tiara. Not made out of duct tape. And also cable... aaaaanytime now.

5:58-- Light switches, blinds, bathroom mirrors all installed. Seriously, where the hell is this dude.

6:15-- Cable Guy!! Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy...

6:25-- Bathroom and closet shelving installed. Cable guy is on the phone, says something about construction? Missing lines? Choose to ignore it and hope the bad words go away.

6:43-- Cable guy leaves. No cable installed. No Internet installed. No new appointment for installation made.

6:44-- Cry.

6:46-- Beer.