Fresh Baked

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Who-ville Crapper

Yesterday I started writing a post about how I am worried about myself because I'm so goddamn cheery these days. I can't stop smiling! with teeth! at strangers! And that every morning I have literally bounced out of bed, filled with an unadulterated glee at starting my day. I drove into work mentally listing all the reasons why that day was gonna be the best. And then I lost that post. But it was okay because the cheer isn't a post, guys, the cheer is inside me, in my heart, bursting to get out, and that just can't be lost!

Today? I have hit a wall, people. And it stings something awful. I could hardly get out of bed this morning. I had a 20 minute debate with myself on the issue of coffee: Do you need it this morning? b, you take the pro position and idiot, you take the con. The idiot won. Naturally. Someone asked to borrow a stapler and I wanted to punch him and I had a meeting this afternoon wherein I seriously considered impaling myself with my pen, just to get out of it. Clearly, the cheer has been eaten by the Grinch. (hmm... didn't he become the Holiday Cheer Meister? At least in the non-animated version? I wonder if there'll be a resurgence...)

ps-- THANK GOD that post was lost. Can you imagine all the puke I'd have to clean out of your keyboards? Disgusting! And how could I stand me? I'm blaming Doris Day.

pps-- No. I still totally love Doris Day. There was a dog tied to our neighbors garage the other night and the poor thing was shivering in the rain. My first thought? Doris Day would be PISSED!! And then I went and pet him. And checked an hour later to see if he was okay, but he'd been taken in by that point.

ppps-- I'm so sorry to anyone who actually read this. Horrible.