Fresh Baked

Monday, December 13, 2004

A Text Message Explained. And Much More!

I needed some text message clarification from my friend-- this story explains it and is guaranteed to make my Monday just a little bit better:

"Well, I went to the Santa Stumble on Saturday which is a bar crawl where everyone dresses up like Santa. I wore a bright red track suit, Santa hat, Santa beard and mustache and fuzzy eyebrows. There were literally 80-100 Santas there. It was awesome! I met these guys, no idea who they are but one was a regular Santa and this other dude was a heavy metal Santa with punk rock hair and a Santa suit. Anyway I had started chugging beers with this guy and I thought I was hilarious because I kept saying I was wearing a beer...d. So at some point my phone came out and heavy metal Santa had it and I was jumping around shouting I love the Santa stumble I'm never going HO HO HOme. and he wrote 'fuck yeah' and then went through my address book and said can I send it to her? can I send it to him? I mostly said no but when he got to your name I said Definitely... she'll understand.

The other highlight of the event was that I got in a fight with the reindeer-- otherwise known as bar sluts who think that dressing like sluts and wearing headbands with antlers is as cool as dressing in full on Santa. I was simply trying to get by them-- there were I think 3 maybe 4 of them. and I was like excuse me, and then again a little louder, excuse me please, and then I just shouted at them. Hey reindeer could you please move I don't have all night! They actually glared at me. Talk about holiday spirit. So I slightly pushed her out of the way, of course I was a little inebriated at that point so in restrospect I can see why she may have thought she had reason to call me a bad name... Bitch. So I told her uh-oh looks like coal for you and walked away."

I'm spending Easter with her... and keeping my fingers crossed for an Easter Bunny Bumble.