Fresh Baked

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ollie Ever Wanted...

...was a back that worked. For extended periods of time, such as 'for life.' But Ollie has some screwed up vertebrae, and they refuse. For the past month he's been hanging out, being horizontal (it was he who finally got me to remember the difference between horizontal and vertical. It's simple logic-- whores lay on their backs). Some days are better than others, depending on how much he exerted himself the day before. Yesterday he said he was bored and wanted to get out a little. I took him to the grocery store, parked up close, walked into the first aisle, checked out, and went home. That wiped him out for a while and I suspect that today he'll be feeling pretty horrible. But it was about 8 minutes going somewhere other than from the bed to the bathroom so it may have been worth it.

The surgery for his back was planned for tomorrow; reliant on his infection culture coming back negative. So when the lab called on Friday? to say that they had accidentally run the wrong test on the culture? and that the culture was no longer usable? and could he please come in on Monday so they could get another one? we were pretty sure that his chances of having a clean bill of health by Thursday left of NEVER. It was a rather depressing weekend. But Monday rolled and they pushed it through and YAY!! Oliver gets to have surgery tomorrow! I have never been so excited for anyone to have an operation. Everyone think good thoughts that this goes well, okay? Thanks.

And in related back news: Last week my teacher told us he had a dislocated back. I told him he better find it soon. He didn't think this was funny, but my class thinks I'm HYSTERICAL.