Fresh Baked

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Lessons from the Shot Master

Noticeably lacking in that last post was the mention of shots. And of the Shot Master. AKA? MEEEE. Here are a few lessons in how to make sure you are the bitchin'ist shot master ever.

1. Note that there are test tubes!! For in which to shoot shots! Immediately proclaim yourself Shot Master.

2. Befriend the local reindeer

3. And the man with the beard.

4. Show off kicky-fun hair since it just got 'did.

5. Get to work, already! Smile at the pretty people who take a shot.

6. Shout things like,"Drink it, you PUSSY!!!" to anyone who refuses a shot. Show scary neck to ensure seriousityness.

7. As well as drinking shots with people to make up for yelling at them, drink from the shot spigot as well. Don't get yer dirty mouth on it.

8. 200 shots later (10% taken by you), lick the hostess. If you must.

9. You did a good job. Sleep the next day for hours and hours and hours.