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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I've Even Counted to 10

I have held myself together fairly well I think. I haven't cried or hit anyone so I think that justifies me as being cool and calm about the situation. But now? I am very, very angry. I AM ANGRY. There. That was a good start.

Does everyone remember how I didn't sleep for weeks on end? Because I was in school and I wanted to do well? I feel those were hours spent well awake since, for the most part, I did do well. 4 As are good, but see... there's this teacher... we'll call him
'He with the bad back who has come back to bite she who was the smart-ass in the butt.' That jackhole has given me a C-. Scuzi? Scuzi?? How the... what the... I was at a loss when I read it. Because... Oh, hell no, thats not right. So I sent him an email to which he didn't respond for a week and then another to which he responded with this little gem, which probably won't seem as upsetting to you as it is to me, in which case I advise you to read it like you're a very stupid person who is very tiring, indeed (which we all know isn't true, but this guy begs to differ):

After Christmas, I will again check the records. I am suspecting that my records show you as not having all analyses/discussion questions (which accounts for the "-" portion)*. Likewise, my records will likely
not have up to Skill Exercise 6 shown**.

I will double-check. If this is the case (and not a straight data-entry error), I will ask to see your Progress Tracker (which I advised you to keep in case of just such an event***) to confirm that my records are wrong.

Much love,
Professor Dillhole

To which I say, "You, sir, are an ASS."

* I am missing 1. Out of a total of 11. If that counts for me getting the -? I am going to be angry.

**It's done and checked off. I even stood next to him as he checked it off in his records. Yup, ANGRY.

*** ANGRIER. Please note that on the Progress Tracker (™ Asshat) there were 4 exercises, tests, and other assignments scratched out because he was asking for an unreasonable amount of work to be done. Also note that out of a class of 25 students, there were 2 (two!/dos!/zwei!/due!) who were going to get an A. ...or, in light of recent events, so they thought. Also, again, 2/25? Lower the bar, dude. Also, again, again, it's after Christmas already-- I need an answer.

...pausing to exhale...

I feel a little better now. Thank you for letting me rant.