Fresh Baked

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm Rad in France

Yesterday was a shit day. It all boils down to not enough sleep, I'm sure, but I think I normally would have hated it, too. There is a lady, affectionately known to those in the office as Twister (so remarkably like a tornado with the swooping and leaving everything behind her in total shambles), who is driving. Me. CRAZY!!

I had a meeting with her yesterday-- the 4th meeting this week, actually. And, among other things, she said that everything she'd said before was wrong, but the err lay on my end because I'm the one who actually made these changes based on her comments. And every time this one problem came up (the same formatting problem in different areas, formatted to her (wrong!) standards) she got confused and asked why it was like that. Hello? We covered that 3 times already. Anyway, it was stressful and bad and I was hungry the entire time.

But then shone a light upon my darkness. Because in class last night I learned that the project I thought was due was only kinda-due... as in, we should have it to the point where we like it, but without the finishing touches. So I was not as behind as I had thought. And the fact that my project was broken in 4 places didn't seem to matter because my teacher LOVED IT. L O V E D! And thinks it should go to the Centre Pompidou because that where all modern art lives. So I'm pretty sure I'll get an A in that class. And possibly a lap dance. And then she let me go home an hour early. ME. Not the class. Me.

So today, after my 1,2,3... 6th (no joke) phone call with Twister and coming up to my second meeting with her, I am really trying to remember that I am rad and she is snot. And that when I'm in Paris, eating
croissants and schmoozing with other modern artists, she will be fixing her own damn formatting issues.