Fresh Baked

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I Got the Fever, Baby.

YAY! Christmas! 'Twas fun. I got a cheese grater and a really big beer. Oh, and a fire extinguisher. Because nothing says holiday cheer like the thought of you having to avoid incineration. I hope everyone else had a holly jolly, too. And that you got pretty presents having nothing to do with fire.

In the days since Christmas, I haven't done much. Our office is closed until after the new year and school is out until the week after that so I have a bucket of time on my hands. And while I'm really happy to not have to be anywhere or to do anything, or to even shower? When I have all these hours that a few months ago could have easily and happily been filled with doing absolutely nothing? I'm surprised to find myself a little bored.

But I have kept myself out of insanity by doing fun things like this:

I made pretty decorations! And you'll notice that there is a door knob there. Yup, I installed that shit ma'sel on Sunday. So far, so good, as nobody has gotten stuck inside. You can now hire me out for parties-- I will install things and serve shots all for a nominal fee!

Okay... You can hate me now for not having to work this week. But try and hate me a little less than normal because I promise I'm not enjoying it as much as I should. Thanks.