Fresh Baked

Monday, December 20, 2004

Banana Hammock of Invisibility

Deck the Halls, yo.

Let's Go--
Trick Daddy
Slow Hands-- Interpol
Boulevard of Broken Dreams-- Green Day
Under the Gun-- The Killers
Pain-- Jimmy Eat World
Portland, Oregon-- Loretta Lynn feat. Jack White
Remember Me-- The Zutons
Lay Lady Lay-- Magnet feat. Gemma Hayes
The Blower's Daughter-- Damien Rice
Angeles-- Elliott Smith
All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace!-- Sufjan Stevens
Jesus, etc.-- Wilco
You Wear the Sun-- Delays
On the Table-- A.C. Newman
Keep it Clean-- Camera Obscura
Untouchable Face-- Ani DiFranco
We Could Still Belong Together-- Lisa Loeb
Bright Future in Sales-- Fountains of Wayne
Goodnight and Go-- Imogen Heap
Drop the Pilot-- Mandy Moore
Creepin' In-- Norah Jones feat. Dolly Parton

This month's CD title is brought to you by Bunny. There was some wild and wacky times going on at Disneyland a few weeks ago including, but not limited to a demonstration of the No-Handed Clap, suggestions of BEASTiality, a Taco blow-out, and lots more (like the mention of the banana hammock of invisibility), fueled in part by pitchers and pitchers of margaritas. For those of you who are inexperienced in the ways of drunken Disneyland, I cry for you a little bit.