Fresh Baked

Friday, November 12, 2004


To all of you who sent well wishes, I wish I could just hug you. And Oliver wishes he could hug you, too... just as soon as he is able to do something other than lay on his belly. Unfortunately, he's still in the hospital. He had no idea that he had an operation on Tuesday night until Wednesday afternoon, regardless of the fact that he talked to the doctor and signed a bunch of forms. We all agree that this is par for the course for the guy who you can have a full conversation with while he is still asleep. But the operation has been successful in flushing out the nasty infection from his system, although it will leave part of his knee numb for life since they had to cut through a nerve to get to the heart of it.

So, score on that. His back, however, is still the biggest problem. They need to be sure the infection is completely out of him before they attempt anything there. He is in intense pain and discomfort-- so much so that they had to have a pain specialist come in to try to do something. He's now on a morphine patch and nothing else, but that too isn't working. As far as an operation, there is some talk of fusing his spine although we're all anxious to avoid that. There is a new technique, though, that involves replacing part of his spine with a piece of plastic, which would help in the long run with both his mobility and ability to get through security check-points without being strip searched. Fingers crossed on that one.

In other, non-medical news: I continue to kick ass in school. All those hours of not sleeping have paid off since I am pulling As on all my projects and-- in a major score, got 100% on a mid-term I didn't know we were having. Yay, me!