Fresh Baked

Monday, November 29, 2004

Turkey Hangover

That's it. I have one last bit of stuffing for lunch today and then Thanksgiving is officially over. So what'd I do over this past fine holiday weekend? I'm glad you asked... (due to a lack of creativity, I am simply breaking it down by day)

On Wednesday I made the desserts-- for someone who doesn't bake all that often, can I just say that I made THE BEST pumpkin bars? Yes, I can. Because I did. Even non-pumpkin lovers liked them... they're THAT GOOD.

Thanksgiving was great, but it was a little odd-- Annie was spending the day with her boyfriend's family and Oliver, still somewhat-patiently awaiting surgery on his back, was laying on the floor between my mom and Eia. It was so amusing to watch my mom pick pieces of turkey off his plate and hand them down. Like our own little Ollie-pup. But our family had gone from 6 to 4 1/2... That's going to take some getting used to in the future.

Friday. You know those days that you kinda plan out and they turn out to be SO MUCH BETTER than you'd expected? That was Friday. I went to LA to visit a friend, had lunch, saw The Incredibles, found the brown Reefs I've been wanting, got Coffee Bean, and went to LACMA in time to catch some of their Friday Night Jazz series. And wine. Then found Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles 2 blocks away from the museum, which turned out to be EXACTLY what we needed at that point because we were starving, Also? Mama Ella yelled at Bean for not having shoes on. Haaaaaa. Don't mess with Mama Ella, kids.

The rest of the weekend was caught up in a huge homework-shaped tornado... nothing fantastic or wonderful to report. So there you have it. Hope yours was as thankfully wonderful!