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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's Almost 9:00... Do You Know Where Your Hell Is Breaking Loose?

I was picking up my messages after class today when I learned that my brother has been admitted to the hospital. For the past week or two, he was having back pain-- his sciatica has been bothering him and getting progressively worse. By this weekend, he was shaking in misery and no amount of pills would hold him over. So today, in yet another of his doctor appointments, they figured enough was enough and had the paramedics take him to the ER.

Oliver is in surgery now. On his knee. Yes. It seems that in all the crawling he's been doing (since walking was not an option), he got an infection. His white blood cells are off the charts now-- and he is so badly infected that they can't do anything about his back until they get it figured out.

When he's out of surgery, they'll work on his back. As I understand it, in technical terms, there is a problem with his somethingorother and he's going to get it fused. Or not. It'll depend on the knee. Crystal clear. In the meantime, if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer or sending a thought his way, I would really appreciate it.

Oh! But wait, there's more! Apparently, pre-op, they had to drain his knee. My dad, while watching them do this, passed his ass out. Dropped to the floor, where they hooked him up to oxygen and eventually sat him in a wheelchair to take him out for air. This has certainly been a wonderful night!

ETA: He's out of surgery. Everything went well but they're gonna keep him until they can work on his back (
herniated disc). Other than that, he's miserable. But druged!