Fresh Baked

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Yahtzee! (Or, as I am now calling it-- This CD Will NEVER Be Finished)

Coming up with selections for November was tough... primarily because I have not stopped listening to Renee Olstead long enough to hear anything new. In the Alpha stages, there were some pretty fantastic line-ups of Bette Middler, Trick Daddy, Mandy Moore, and The Killers, and while I do love the random, I just couldn't find anything to make them gel. So, here now, for my enjoyment, are the fairly linear selections for November album...

It's Delovely- Ella Fitzgerald
Que Sera Sera-- Doris Day
Fly Me to the Moon-- Frank Sinatra
Little Brown Jug-- Glenn Miller
Buena Sera-- Michael Buble
You Are My Sunshine-- Ray Charles
It Never Entered My Mind-- Miles Davis
Good Morning - Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor & Debbie Reynolds
C'est Si Bon -- Eartha Kitt
Something's Gotta Give-- Sammy Davis, Jr.
Summer Wind-- Frank Sinatra
A Kiss to Build A Dream On-- Louis Armstrong
By the Light of the Silvery Moon-- Doris Day
L-O-V-E-- Nat King Cole
Vie En Rose-- Louis Armstrong
String of Pearls-- Glenn Miller
Pennies From Heaven-- Louis Prima
It's Only A Paper Moon -- Ella Fitzgerald
This Ole House-- Bette Midler
All At Sea-- Jamie Cullum
Good Morning Life-- Dean Martin
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby-- Renee Olstead
It's Such A Happy Day-- Jackie Gleason
Lullabye in Ragtime -- Danny Kaye
I Have Dreamed (The State Dinner)-- Marc Shaiman

There now. This CD has ended, let us go in peace to love and swerve the world.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Turkey Hangover

That's it. I have one last bit of stuffing for lunch today and then Thanksgiving is officially over. So what'd I do over this past fine holiday weekend? I'm glad you asked... (due to a lack of creativity, I am simply breaking it down by day)

On Wednesday I made the desserts-- for someone who doesn't bake all that often, can I just say that I made THE BEST pumpkin bars? Yes, I can. Because I did. Even non-pumpkin lovers liked them... they're THAT GOOD.

Thanksgiving was great, but it was a little odd-- Annie was spending the day with her boyfriend's family and Oliver, still somewhat-patiently awaiting surgery on his back, was laying on the floor between my mom and Eia. It was so amusing to watch my mom pick pieces of turkey off his plate and hand them down. Like our own little Ollie-pup. But our family had gone from 6 to 4 1/2... That's going to take some getting used to in the future.

Friday. You know those days that you kinda plan out and they turn out to be SO MUCH BETTER than you'd expected? That was Friday. I went to LA to visit a friend, had lunch, saw The Incredibles, found the brown Reefs I've been wanting, got Coffee Bean, and went to LACMA in time to catch some of their Friday Night Jazz series. And wine. Then found Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles 2 blocks away from the museum, which turned out to be EXACTLY what we needed at that point because we were starving, Also? Mama Ella yelled at Bean for not having shoes on. Haaaaaa. Don't mess with Mama Ella, kids.

The rest of the weekend was caught up in a huge homework-shaped tornado... nothing fantastic or wonderful to report. So there you have it. Hope yours was as thankfully wonderful!


I was working on the computer at my parent's house last night and at one point, walked out of the den singing along to James's Laid (Oh, you think you're so pretty-EEEEEEEEEEE). When I looked up, I saw my dad and the face he gave me is making me think that when he said, "sometimes I worry about you," he wasn't really kidding.

I don't know why... I'm a great singer.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Free Money!!

For anyone traveling back to Ireland via 2001, I have some free money for you. Designed by me personally, this fine currency will surely pay for absolutely nothing. And, if you tell them I sent you, you'll probably get a discount!



(I gave up making counterfeit money ages ago-- this here was an assignment.)

Friday, November 19, 2004

This Blog Will Come to Order

I had jury duty yesterday. Technically, I suppose the duty part since last Friday when I started calling in every night after 5 to see if they would need me the next day, but that's neither here nor there. Except that I almost forgot to call on Wednesday night. But then, around 11, I remembered again. See? Smart. And good thing, too, because I had to report the next morning at 7:30. AM! God, that is an ugly hour. Also, I had no idea how to get to the courthouse and was with neither computer nor map. So what I thought would be another boring old homework night, I had adventure! Excitement! And some phone calls to make. And then a debate. With myself:

You should get coffee in the morning.
Love to, thanks.
But do you have the time?
I can get up earlier.
But you have to BE THERE at 7:30 and you might possibly be the worst getter-upper in the history of all getter-uppers ever.
I know, but... but?
But? But? You also suck at debate.

So I got up at a regular still-too-early-for-my-liking time. Not enough time for coffee, but hey, I showered, so that's something. And I got to the courthouse just on time to realize that 7:30 is when they start checking people in, not the be-here-or-else time. Trickery! Nay, Chicanery (we are amongst the legals... best smarten it up a bit)!! Is that kind of practice allowed within these hallowed halls? So I sat and did homework while shooting 'oh, you're so smart to know that 7:30 isn't the real time aren't you, buddy? Oh! And you have coffee!! Please let me suck your dregs!' looks at people.

I got momentarily stunned into distracted from all the flagellating to notice two things. Women. Two women, probably in their mid-50s and pushing it as far as possible. Tammy Faye eyes and oh, my God, the hair. Imagine this, but on the head of a person. On two persons! With matching scrunchies and matchie embroidered star sweatsuits. Horrifying and hilarious, all in one. And how did they get to serve together? I need to start bringing a buddy to these things. Or, at the very least, a camera.

Orientation began at 9. After saying that all 450 people in that very room would have to stay until 5-- instantly crushing the hopes of all--they said that they'd put on a film! And I thought, 'A film! Like on an airplane'! and then promptly started kicking myself again, for I am dumb. It was a video (hear that, law persons? check it-- Vid.E.O.) featuring a guy with a mullet and a woman with shoulder pads, talking about how they love to serve. And while I was ignoring them, do you know what I saw? C'mon, guess. A cafeteria! And cafeterias have coffee. And coffee reduces the dumb in people. I was one cup in when up at the pode, I heard the magic spoken-- all the phone-in jurors get to go! For free!


The faces of all the other people were FANTASTIC with all the pouting. And the smile on my face wouldn't quit no matter how hard I tried so I just gave up and grinned like a giant ass. Take that, 7:30. Fuck you, coffee-less void. I. AM. OUT!

Dear Sir.

To the young man in the next office, which is only a mere single-paned window away....

Please stop sniffing so hard. We do not store coke in that room, so no matter how hard you try to sniff it out, the only thing you will inhale in there is dust.

Also, if you don't stop, I fear you will pass out and possibly hurt yourself. This will cause in me a great panic and I will be, against my will, forced to care about you. Do not let this happen.

Thirdly, its gross, dude. Knock it off.

Monday, November 15, 2004

It is Monday, After All...

I felt a little dumb earlier when I called my own extension, thinking I would get another office. But another co-worker just called me, thinking I was the same office I had tried to reach earlier. So really, its just like everyone wants to talk to me, right?

Friday, November 12, 2004


To all of you who sent well wishes, I wish I could just hug you. And Oliver wishes he could hug you, too... just as soon as he is able to do something other than lay on his belly. Unfortunately, he's still in the hospital. He had no idea that he had an operation on Tuesday night until Wednesday afternoon, regardless of the fact that he talked to the doctor and signed a bunch of forms. We all agree that this is par for the course for the guy who you can have a full conversation with while he is still asleep. But the operation has been successful in flushing out the nasty infection from his system, although it will leave part of his knee numb for life since they had to cut through a nerve to get to the heart of it.

So, score on that. His back, however, is still the biggest problem. They need to be sure the infection is completely out of him before they attempt anything there. He is in intense pain and discomfort-- so much so that they had to have a pain specialist come in to try to do something. He's now on a morphine patch and nothing else, but that too isn't working. As far as an operation, there is some talk of fusing his spine although we're all anxious to avoid that. There is a new technique, though, that involves replacing part of his spine with a piece of plastic, which would help in the long run with both his mobility and ability to get through security check-points without being strip searched. Fingers crossed on that one.

In other, non-medical news: I continue to kick ass in school. All those hours of not sleeping have paid off since I am pulling As on all my projects and-- in a major score, got 100% on a mid-term I didn't know we were having. Yay, me!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's Almost 9:00... Do You Know Where Your Hell Is Breaking Loose?

I was picking up my messages after class today when I learned that my brother has been admitted to the hospital. For the past week or two, he was having back pain-- his sciatica has been bothering him and getting progressively worse. By this weekend, he was shaking in misery and no amount of pills would hold him over. So today, in yet another of his doctor appointments, they figured enough was enough and had the paramedics take him to the ER.

Oliver is in surgery now. On his knee. Yes. It seems that in all the crawling he's been doing (since walking was not an option), he got an infection. His white blood cells are off the charts now-- and he is so badly infected that they can't do anything about his back until they get it figured out.

When he's out of surgery, they'll work on his back. As I understand it, in technical terms, there is a problem with his somethingorother and he's going to get it fused. Or not. It'll depend on the knee. Crystal clear. In the meantime, if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer or sending a thought his way, I would really appreciate it.

Oh! But wait, there's more! Apparently, pre-op, they had to drain his knee. My dad, while watching them do this, passed his ass out. Dropped to the floor, where they hooked him up to oxygen and eventually sat him in a wheelchair to take him out for air. This has certainly been a wonderful night!

ETA: He's out of surgery. Everything went well but they're gonna keep him until they can work on his back (
herniated disc). Other than that, he's miserable. But druged!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

What's a One Syllable Word for A Bunch of Random Nonsense? Long.

On the school front...

I have had two midterms this week. Midterms in art school are odd-- usually its just projects, projects, projects all the time and I sometimes lose sight of the fact that... um, I'm learning here.

The first midterm: I kicked it in the shins and stole its lunch money. Awesome. The second midterm: Bombed. Tanked. So much less than awesome. The test was based on the book! A book? For Quark! Inadvertently, I opted for the osmosis theory of learning as I fell asleep by page 19 and had the remaining 557 pages digging into my side. Ow and oops.

Enough with school, on with fun--

Bunny, Eia's boyfriend, hosted a pumpkin carving party for a few of his friends last weekend. We invaded, as we do. But what's a pumpkin carving party without a little competition?

Here you see a top shot of our table-- we are all so diligent in our tasks! We were also singing quite a bit. And there may or may not have been some beer and Pumpkin Punch Pizzazz involved.

You may think this picture demonstrates how hard at work Leo, Eia and Jack were and how happy they were doing it. I think, most importantly, it serves as a nice introduction to Bunny's ass.

Leo took an old school approach to his pumpkin, knocking it out suupah fast. In an effort to fill his time, he took to cleaning up my 'fro. Here he is, looking for a few good eats like a fine young howler monkey. Please note his vest-- Duct Tape party wardrobe requirements provide fantastic Halloween costumes!

And after all the primping, I show it such disrespect. Dem points this out with a resounding "Don't think you don't have pumpkin in your hair!"

We opted for secret ballot voting. Eia, Dem, and I tied for 2nd. Some guy who did something with a wolf and science won first. Whatever-- look at us!! We're so pretty!! And our pumpkins! Nothing short of works of genius. (My Fro makes me 6'4)

A close up of Dem's pumpkin carving skills. Truck it up, babe.

Honestly, it wasn't really a party until Slash showed up. I never really considered him a Coors Light man, but look how he enjoys it!

Do you see what a little Bon Jovi does to these people? Its a sight to behold, I say. May their routines continue to be tighter than his pants and more free spirited than his hair, forever and ever, Amen.

Tomorrow, we hit Vegas en masse. 25 (Twenty-friggin-five) people will descend for some Peppermill and Bobby Flay action. As there are some very special birthdays in November, we feel the need to celebrate in style. And while all these birthday celebrants are stellar individuals, there is one who deserves special note...


Happy birthday, Mommy!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Voted.

And when you're done, go kiss Coleen, for she is the kissiest.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Lay Off, Mom (and Dad)

Fine. I'm going to see a doctor. The pains are lasting longer now, although they don't hurt as much and I don't fall over anymore. Come Wednesday, I'm sure all the pain in my leg (just one) will be gone. It's inevitable-- I make an appointment and my body says "Pain? What pain? You're crazy!" Yay!

Happy 3 Month Birthday to Me!!

Plans were made last night for an early errand this morning... only last night didn't end until after 2am. This morning, I followed the natural Up, Out, Out, Down pattern of I-know-I-need-to-be-doing-something, but What? When? Why?:

Involuntary Wake-up: The alarm didn't go off, why am I not asleep?

Freak Out: The alarm didn't go off! I have overslept for whatever piano recital, cat de-clawing, work/school/appointment I may have had! At this point, not only don't I know what I'm missing, I'm really not all that sure of who I am.

Find Out: Phew.... 6:10. I don't know where it was I'm supposed to be, but I'm positive I'm not supposed to be there yet.

Lay Down: Go back to sleep. Wait for alarm to go off.

Enter Eia: B? It's 7:15. Oh, hell. I overslept... my biggest concern at this point? Not that I'm going to be late for work, but that I won't have time for coffee. The horror! Get up, head for shower. Eia, again: ...unless I didn't set my clock... Look at my clock-- 6:19. Go back to bed.

I woke up, again, can you imagine? when my alarm went off. Political coffee and Renee Olstead are helping make up for earlier disturbances.