Fresh Baked

Friday, October 29, 2004


You guys. You GUYS! I had 6 hours of sleep last night! SIX. Check me, this is the most well rested I have been in weeeeeks. And? AND? I have only had one cup of coffee today. Okay, plus two Cokes, but I'm so proud of me. I feel like I should get a PSL to celebrate.

Also, I'm dog sitting this weekend. Starting last night. Amorous dog is wookin' pa nub again... Poor girl, she is wookin' pa nub in all da wong paces. And I'm pumpkin carving tonight... I have been looking all afternoon (uh... in between times when I was diligently working) for designs that I want to do. I think I'm going to go with a Mondrian theme. Wish me luck!

**To all those I owe CDs... I'm a lazy bitch when it comes to going to the post office. I promise that if I have made you wait for months that I am a.) sorry and b.) really going to try to get those out this weekend and c.) probably going to include extra prizes for you. Not necessarily good ones, though.