Fresh Baked

Monday, October 18, 2004

ID Hell

As promised, my ID picture. I'm actually giving you two chances to point and laugh as I'm equally horrified by these. The first one was taken about a week ago and... ugh, it's just frightening! The second one is from 7 years ago. I think it's a toss up to which is worse. But as we're in an election year, I declare we put it to a vote. Weigh in in the comments and remember-- Every Vote Counts.

One more thing that has nothing to do with how un-photogenic I am... I was talking to my friend the other day when I noticed something I didn't like and said, "horseshit." Which would have been really well received if she hadn't put her mom on the phone at that very moment. Her reaction? "Horseshit? Oh, my, she just said horseshit! B, I think you're a sweet girl, but you could use some soap in that mouth." Ah, yes. Delightful.