Fresh Baked

Monday, October 25, 2004

Godzilla, of Course

This weekend, the sleep was had. By special invitation, I slept in my old bed in my old home so that I wouldn't be woken by all the hammering and whatnot that was coming to the new home early Saturday morning. Also, I got dinner and exclusive use of the washer and dryer. And was reintroduced to a thing called sitting down and just watching TV when my mom got up and we watched Oprah together at 1am. Our consensus? Renée Zellweger is very unimpressive, Hugh Grant is very delectable, and Oprah needs to give Colin Firth more couch time.

The October CD was created as well. Behold the wonder:

What A Wonderful World - Joey Ramone
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing/ Leo Sayer
Are You That Somebody / Aaliyah
Let's Misbehave / Elvis Costello
Keep It Together / Guster
They / Jem
Somewhere Only We Know / Keane
The Girl From Back Then / Kings of Convenience (Store) (heehee)
Comes A Time / Mutual Admiration Society
Let it Fall / Glen Phillips with Sean Watkins
How You've Grown / Natalie Merchant
Least Complicated / Purple Haze
Come Sail Away / Styx
We Will Become Silhouettes / The Shins
Bruised / The Bens
The Dress Looks Nice On You / Sufjan Stevens
Weak / Stephanie Dosen
Change Your Mind / Sister Hazel
Train Wreck / Sarah McLachlan
Solsbury Hill / Peter Gabriel

The offer for copies still stands.