Fresh Baked

Friday, October 22, 2004

Fast and Easy

Bah. Tired. Busy. Sick. Bah.

I figured out the reason I'm not feeling well. It goes a little something like this: Work? 30 hours. School? 20 hours. Homework? 30 hours. Which leaves time for vitamins and cold medicine taking at -3.4 minutes. Sorry immune system, but I've got blind contour drawings to do. My personal caffeine intake, however, is at an all time high as I'm hitting about 60oz. a day.

Therefore, due to time constraints and spastic thinking, I give you my week in bullet formation, most of which are boring:
  • I looked worse at 17 than I do at 25. Thanks for the votes and all credit due to my hairdresser.
  • 400 page documents will clog a printer. And it will take me 45 minutes on the phone with Xerox to unclog it. The person who sent this job in the first place will continue to piss me off.
  • I was given an ENTIRE loaf of pumpkin bread, homemade, all for ME, because it's my very favorite. My friends are fabulous.
  • Someone stole my Coke from the office refrigerator. That day I had only 48oz of caffeine. When I find that person, s/he will die.
  • Happy feet can make up for no sleep.
  • There is a Kleenex tucked in my sleeve. I am officially old.
  • When I stay up to do my homework until 4:00 in the effin' morning? I would really appreciate it if the teacher would collect it.
  • A book I've ordered, I'm told, will arrive on the 22th. For those of you counting at home, the 22th is the day after the 21nt.
And to cap off the week, I give you the best thing someone has said to me today: "your personality carries (us). You're like a little girl that people would like to step on."

Thank you and goodnight!