Fresh Baked

Friday, September 17, 2004

Somebody's Home, But the Lights Are Pretty Dim

This afternoon, I had a to make a trip to the back of my department office and decided that since I was getting up, I would take a few other things with me to drop off on the way. Brill, no? One such item was the MASTER KEY to all the rooms and buildings owned by our department, which is kept closely guarded (except for those few times we lost it) in a file cabinet in a co-workers office. A co-worker who had left and locked her door behind her. Oh, no! I thought. How will I ever get this MASTER KEY into that office without having to go back to get my keys to open this locked door that stands between me and this MASTER KEY's home? I had started back to my desk when I realized, hello!-- I still have all these other things in my hands; put them in their places and then come back to get the key. Duh.

Other stuff put away, I sat down at the desk with the MASTER KEY still in hand. I have, at this point, completely forgotten about putting it away because I have undiagnosed-by-anyone-other than-my-own-self ADD. And, it's Friday. Also, I have forgotten what it was I got up for in the first place. 3 minutes later, I figure it out and start back up. Walking by the locked door blocking me from my MASTER KEY return, I go through an identical thought-process and vow to remember this time. Original task completed, I go for my keys. Hey, I remembered! As I reached out to grab them, it hit me. The MASTER KEY. It can unlock any door in the department. Even that one. Good grief.