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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Safari Njema!

Blogger is being a bitch. Most of us kinda knew that, but just to make it perfectly clear, that last post? Had to be written 3 times because the 'save as draft' was working as well as the 'publish post' button. And because I'm not so quick on the uptake sometimes.


I have multiple email accounts but the one I use for work is my favorite, because it has the chilli 'Mood Watch Status' to let me know when the message I'm sending is too spicy. Words like 'tongue' get highlighted for offensiveness, regardless of context. This morning, because of the many lost drafts, I copied all the text from blogger into eudora and sent it to my gmail account. (But not without being warned that my message "is the sort of thing that might get your keyboard washed out with soap, if you get my drift.") That email has yet to arrive. I then assumed it was because of the 3 chilli warning and decided to send myself something a bit more tame to see if that'd go through:
loving in my babies eyes, left over salmon
i dare you to move, switchfoot
fall to pieces, velvet revolver
only once, yellowcard

make a move, lost prophets
throw it all away, default
rollover d.j., jet

No subject or any other information other than this... which I sent to all my
BOSSES instead of myself. Hiya!! Jackass? Yes, that is my name. Fortunately, they tend not to read email from me anyway. Fingers are crossed... (for the curious, that was a list of potential tunes for my as-yet un-named September CD.)

And, on the topic of work email, I will share the highlights of my favorite one from today:

Dear African Adventurers,

The trip of a lifetime is going to happen next Wednesday September 15. Your exotic journey to the wilds awaits...

While zebras mill at a watering hole alongside trumpeting elephants stained red from the dusty plains, you will feast on a gourmet lunch.

Follow the thundering herds across the Serengeti where predators and prey can feast on a hearty meal and seek respite from a long day in the hot dry heat. The hunt was most successful this season. Come ready to eat an elephant! The menu will be fit for a king - a lion king, that is!

Start working on your best roar, get in touch with your animal magnetism and bring your wild spirit out to the grasslands for... WILD SPIRITS SAFARI.

Safari njema! (Have a good trip)

I am... wordless... at the lengths people are going to for this picnic. Since it is all for the staff, I won't complain, but damn if I'm not laughing.