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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Pain: the recap

Angelina in an eye patch? AArrrrrrgggg!!

And this movie? AAAAhhhhh!! Make them stop!!

Phew... glad I got that off my chest. Now, on to the bigger and not necessarily better:

Thanks for all your niceys on my last post. This whole accident thing is turning out to be a pain in the ass as well as the back. I did, indeed, catch the hitter's license plate number as they sped away and copied it down immediately since I am among those who keep post-its in their car. I filed a report with the CHP yesterday morning and then went on to the doctor's for a look-see. Mostly, its just the muscles all pissed off, but I was sent for an X-ray anyway because she wanted to be sure my spine wasn't fractured. Uhhh... 'scuzi? I love it when my doctor does this because it tends to freak me right the hell out. Also? She prescribed me some muscle relaxants... WARNING: Will MOST CERTAINLY cause drowsiness.

An hour later, I was lying on a table without a bra or pants (?!) and prepped by some radiologist who thinks his shit is the hottest and who, sadly, reminds me of Dr. Sean Bush, MD, FACEP, from the Venom ER. And while he was giving me the good news that there are no fractures to be seen, he was making like Tommy Lee on the x-ray table, sending a shockwave to the epicenter of my pain with every hit. By the time I had built up some rage (I had to work through confusion and then disbelief) he stopped. Which was good because, Hello? OW! Knock it off! but I kinda wish he'd continued because I had some pent-up ire to display on his ass.

So that's the beginning of what will certainly become a Much Larger pain in the ass. Keep your fingers crossed that everything will get sorted out without too much drama.