Fresh Baked

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Love You, But Mostly, Love You Not

On Monday? Rear-ender. No love.

On Tuesday? Paperwork, doctors, and x-rays. No love again.

On Wednesday? Not nearly enough pain pills in the entire world. (A word about the muscle relaxants: They are knocking me out. I slept for 13 hours last night and still feel absolutely wiped.) No love once more.

On Thursday? Back to the dentist... Yes, in case I didn't feel badly enough, I went in for a cleaning/check-up* this morning. Had more X-rays and, what better? A cavity!! Which I got filled right then and there, enduring that God-awful needle they use to numb the area. (Having had my tongue pierced 3 times, I have accepted needles to a point-- this particular dental needle is muchly past that point.) Lots of no love.

I also went to Starbucks this morning and was given a tall drink when I ordered a grande. End result? My new best friend and barista sent me away with both drinks. I love him. Love! Finally!!

Someone I don't love is the cashier at Baja Fresh (and it pains me to say this because the Fresh and I are usually tight). I specifically asked for flour tortillas. At least 4 times because I didn't think he was listening. The last time I checked, wee Guillermo informed me that all the tacos are flour tortilla'd. Even though I knew he was wrong, I held my tongue. So when the order came up guess what it had? Fucking CORN tortillas. Hate, Guillermo, HATE. Can you feel it? Definitely NO LOVE.

*I just realized that I didn't let you know what the mystery gum problem was. It seems that the bone never reformed after the wisdom teeth were removed and now there is a gap there where food particles can have a party. This, in turn, causes the gums to swell, thus trapping everything in there. I had to be anesthetized for the removal of said party particles and slobbered and slurred a great part of the day. My favorite part was when my new dentist figured out that I hadn't ever been to anyone but my pediatric and kept telling me how sorry he was that my first encounter with him was "so traumatic." And we're back to the love...