Fresh Baked

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


All together now...

Miss Suzie had a steam boat
the steamboat had a bell (ding ding)
Miss Suzie went to heaven
the steamboat went to hell-
o, operator,
please give me number nine
and if you disconnect me
I'll cut off your behind
the frigerator, there lay a piece of glass
Miss Suzie sat upon it and broke
her little ask me no more question
please tell me no more lies
the boys are in the bathroom
zipping up their flies
are in the meadow,
the bees are in the hive

... and here's where I lose it. Does someone know what comes next?

Also, help me fill in the blank-- I know you can, because you're just that smart:

Say, say, oh playmate,
come out and play with me
and bring your dollies three
climb up my apple tree
slide down my rainbow
into my ________ door
and we'll be jolly friends
forever more, more, shut the door
turn off the light and say good night.