Fresh Baked

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ass Kicking, Hookers, and Tears

First: You guys kick ass. I was so bothered by not knowing the end of the song in that last post that I woke up singing it... even my subconscious cared.

Second: Yay for Chip and Kim!! I was so excited to see them win. And yay for new Gilmore Girls! But BOO! for Rory who is a nasty, skanky, stupid ho. I have started a club called, "Fuck Rory. Dean Already Has... and He's Married!!" Amalah has suggested the uniforms be "sparkly tiaras with her picture on them and a big old X over her snooty little face." Which I can totally get behind. Anyone else want in??

Third: I had a meeting last night that, by the the end, had become a full-blown interview. Now, interviews and I have never gotten because, well... I cry in them. Really. And as soon as I realized that this 'meeting' was really a 1.5 hour interview? I got all teary and my face flushed and oh, it was NOT good. But everyone be proud of me because I was thisclose to letting those babies fall and managed to hold them in. Yay! And, other than that rather embarrassing moment, I kicked ass.