Fresh Baked

Friday, August 20, 2004

Tips for a Happy Friday

- While walking into the office, notice the lady in front of you is flashing you a great deal of her sassy red thong. Shudder at the thought that it'll be so much worse when she sits down and be grateful that you won't be there to witness it.

- Have someone ask you for a new key because his just doesn't work. Just doesn't work, after 3 years of working... mysterious, no? Find out the real reason it doesn't work is because the jackass bent the key all to hell and now can't fit it in the lock. Call him on it and make him stutter an apology.

-Most especially, if you are interested in a Happy Friday! you must begin with a Happy Thursday Night!! This could include any of the following:
  • Celeb sighting (Norm MacDonald) while talking about celeb sightings.
  • Delivery on 'promise delicious food and delightful conversation'
  • Have your friend (yeah, that one) ask you to be in her bridal party. Am officially a BM. Ms. Hankey, if your nasty.
Or, if you're as lucky as I? All of the above. Envy me kids, for I am having a Happy Friday.