Fresh Baked

Monday, August 09, 2004

Slow to start but now we roll!

OK so I just returned from one of my camping trips. It was a good time. Ok so I attended the wonderfull Duct Tape Party then I left at midnight to begin the 6 hour drive up to the campground. Now on this trip I went with my pops and my buddy, George. We have been going to the same spot for quite a few years now and usually my Pops does all the driving but this time I volunteered for the first leg. So I stopped drinking early at the party and left it about 10PM then headed home to relax for a little bit and to finish packing. We finally got on the road at 12:22 AM. I was behind the wheel, George was shotgunning/naviguessing and Pops sacked out in back. So I at one point had mentioned that I would drive till I got tired. Everyone should know that i am renowned for my ability to fall asleep in car. I think I was 17 the first time I made it the 15 minute trip to my Grandparents house without falling asleep. Claps for Jack on that one! Ok so back to the story. So I am buzzing along the 405N to the 5N over what everyone calls The Grapevine which is really Ft. Tejon pass. Grapevine being a little pissant town(no offense to the 3 people that live there) I am still feeling pretty good. George and I are joking around being typical OC brats making fun of hickvilles and the like. Good Times. Oh yeah pops is still out cold in the back seat. I get on the 99N and zoom along. We get into Bakersfield which is a real actual city and I bet they even have a starbucks and a dentist there. Anyways this is when pops decided to wake up and start freaking me out. His first words in 2+ hours are "Where the F*(# are we?" I start to panic and I answer "Bakersfield" hoping that is the right answer since its the only one I have. He responds with a "WTF are we doing in Bakersfield?" I go with "Driving on the 99" as my answer. I start trying to convince my sleep addled pops to realize all is kosher and I didnt screw up again. He starts yelling "this isnt Bakersfield its Northridge" (1.5 hours beind us is Northridge) I am like "no its Bakersfield its developed they have stuff here now". So he starts to come out of it and explains his theory. He woke up without his glass and saw a Cal State next exit sign. He assumed we hadnt gone that far and were in Northridge but hes been to Northridge and know that there are no Big Oleanderlike tree/shrubs in center median in Northridge so he was freaking. Anyways George reports that when he started F-bombing me and freaking me out my face went to Oh Shiite! mode and I had the look of deer in headlights meets dem I am with no chappy.(not pretty) So while we were at the campsite "sippin pabst" as I am prone to doing we were randomly shout out "WTF are we doing in Bakersfield?" That my friends is what campin' is all about.