Fresh Baked

Monday, August 23, 2004

Rad. Then Less Rad. Also: Link-fest, 2004

Bowling for Soup's new album is due out in September. Get yo'sels ready for some awesome rockin'. And, really, there site is so clever. I love me some BFS. And, seriously-- clever? I'm the new [Phyllis].

But the title of their new album what I really want to comment on: A Hangover You Don't Deserve. Which is precisely what I had on Sunday. A hangover that I didn't deserve. See, we went out on Saturday night for Bean's birthday and consumed various amounts of alcohol (mostly Amber Bock and one (1, really) Dirty Girl Scout). But at no point in the evening was I drunk. Not absolutely sober? To that I will admit, but drunk? No. No, no, and nope. And the night stayed pretty mellow with pool (which I kicked so much ass in, despite the fact that I'm horrible) and the aforementioned surgery video, brought to us by Kevin. So why is it that I woke up on Sunday morning (after driving my ass home at 4am) with a nasty headache? Why is it that less than an hour, a slice of pizza, and 2 aspirin later I should happen to throw up, in front of my mother, the minute we walk into the house we're there to paint? And why, after going home to sleep for 5 hours, did I still not feel well? The answer to all these questions reside in one answer: A hangover I DID NOT deserve, damnit.